Putting the Humanity Back in Human Resources

Modern Cloud-Based HR Employee Records System For Scalable Teams Management.

Always Up-To-Date Employee Roster

With JisrHR’s cloud-based employee records platform, you can feel confident that the information you’re viewing is the same content accessible by the rest of your team. The Employees Page offers managers and HR professionals access to an overview of their team’s vital information, sortable by Name, Employee ID, Job Title, Hire Date or Department.

Need a specific file? Just start typing their name or other identifying information and their data will magically appear. It’s like having an HR advisor in your pocket, helping you sort and compile every HR action request into a meaningful record of your team.

Detailed Personnel Data with a Click or Tap

Click or tap on the name of your team member. Like magic, their employee record slides into view. This isn’t your grandfather’s rolodex. Easily access contact information,

detailed information outlining their position within your organization, payroll history, attendance, HR compliance and due dates for data verification. All of this information is elegantly presented within a single pane, easily digestible and incredibly useful. Cloud based HR allows for everything to operate in sync.

Ensure Worker Compliance and Monitor Corporate Assets in the Field

A big part of the reason your employees show up everyday is their paycheck. Jisr HR makes it easy to monitor payroll history. Ensure your team is properly paid, in a timely manner, on the same page as the rest of their information.

Responding to an HR action request, updating bank details and confirming their timesheet, as well as their withholdings is a matter of glancing from one side of the screen to the other.

Your HR operations are Automated. Focus on Growing your Business.