Mudad System Integration

Through our direct integration with Mudad payroll platform, you can pay and monitor the status of employees' salaries from within Jisr HR System without the need to use any other platforms, including Mudad.

Pay Your Employees From Jisr

Once the payroll has been automatically processed using Jisr including additions, attendance, leaves and employee requests; our customers can pay employees’ salaries directly from within the system in cooperation with the Mudad system and Saudi banks, and the salaries will be transferred within 24 hours without the need to download and upload the bank file.

Track Salary Transfer Status

After completing the transfer process, you can track the status of each employee’s salary transfer, whether it was already sent, needs to be revised and modified due to something wrong or that the salary is still being transferred and has not yet arrived; This enables HR managers to ensure that the salary is successfully delivered to all employees as soon as possible.

Faster Than Ever

Instead of waiting for several days in normal cases (when submitting the file directly to the bank), salary transfer from within Jisr HR system ensures that the employee's salary will reach within 24 hours, through direct linking with Mudad platform.

Wage Protection File Automatically Updated

After the successful completion of the payroll transfer to the employees using Jisr HR System, the wage protection file will be automatically uploaded through the Mudad platform on your behalf accurately and quickly, and you will not need to do this task yourself afterwards.

Your HR operations are Automated. Focus on Growing your Business.