HR Software For Small and Medium Businesses in Saudi Arabia

Discover the easiest HR Management solution in Saudi Arabia, built to be locally compliant and seamlessly efficient.

Build a customer database that grows its own value

With JisrHR’s cloud-based employee records platform, you can feel confident that the information you’re viewing is the same content accessible by the rest of your team. The Employees Page offers managers and HR professionals access to an overview of their team’s vital information, sortable by Name, Employee ID, Job Title, Hire Date or Department.

Need a specific file? Just start typing their name or other identifying information and their data will magically appear. It’s like having an HR advisor in your pocket, helping you sort and compile every HR action request into a meaningful record of your team.


Modern Grid Layout with Status Icons for Easy Viewing

The Time and Attendance tab of Jisr’s online employee attendance tracking software opens to an elegant gridview that shows attendance information for the current 14-day period. The layout makes it easy to zero in on absences, overtime and members on leave.

Your team is more than an ID number and a punch sheet. Throughout Jisr HR you’ll find your employee’s smiling faces next to their name. Humanizing data is one of the reasons Jisr HR is the best attendance tracking software solution for your firm.


Benefits and Payroll for Modern Businesses

Powerful, efficient and intuitive tools in one HR Software to reduce your administrative tasks and automate payroll.

Modernize payroll processing with Jisr HR’s cloud-based platform for reviewing timesheets, confirming salary and benefit disbursements and deductions via HR apps. Payroll review, confirmation and processing only takes a few minutes thanks to the automated compilation of every detail necessary to hit “confirm”.


One Application for All HR Requests

Jisr HRMS gives each member of your team the ability to view the information on file (assuming you choose to share it with them). Updates can be made on-demand, or in response to automated expired data alerts. Human Resource software is just smarter in the cloud.

Jisr ESS gives employees the ability to submit HR requests using the same skills and technology they interact with when ordering a product or service from their smartphone. Managers are instantly notified and can request follow-up information, approve or reject the request in a matter of seconds.


Reports For Everything

Accessing real-time information about your team is critical for HR compliance and cost control. Jisr HR uses a modern HR cloud-based Business Intelligence to compile all the statistics you need. With just a glance, check-up on your team’s real-time reporting.

If you need more information, our cloud-based HR platform gives you the ultimate in accessibility. All-in-one, real-time reporting, summed up with an easy to digest Business Intelligence Reports. One of the many reasons this really is the best human resources software in Saudi Arabia

Your HR operations are Automated. Focus on Growing your Business.