Best Attendance Tracking Software in the Cloud

Real-Time Filtered Reporting of Employee Attendance and Overtime, All in one place.

Modern Grid Layout with Status Icons for Easy Viewing

The Time and Attendance tab of Jisr’s online employee attendance tracking software opens to an elegant gridview that shows attendance information for the current 14-day period.

The layout makes it easy to zero in on absences, overtime and members on leave. Your team is more than an ID number and a punch sheet. Throughout Jisr HR you’ll find your employee’s smiling faces next to their name. Humanizing data is one of the reasons Jisr HR is the best attendance tracking software solution for your firm.

Filtered by Time-Period, Department, Shift or Project

Manually compiling reports on time and attendance for each department, shift or project is time consuming.

Because Jisr HR handles your entire employee management process, it’s smart enough to cross-reference employee data with the time and attendance metrics you need to focus in on. Filtered view allows for instant access to the time and attendance data you need, without all the visual distractions.

Detailed Employee Time Punch at the Click of a Button

Jisr HR is the best online employee attendance tracking software. As your team members punch in and out, submit requests for time-off or start accruing overtime, you’re in the know.

From any page, simply click on the employee’s name and a new pane opens with detailed punch and request history. Along the top, you’ll see period absences, delays, overtime and missing punches.

Quick Access to the Information You Need with

Find the employee time and attendance information you need with a keystroke. Smart search allows for immediate access to relevant files and information. Just type in a few letters and smart search serves up employees with similar names, departments or employee ID’s.

By the time you’ve typed in half of an employee’s name, their file is waiting for your review. Utilizing the best attendance tracking software means you’ll never suffer trips to the file room again!

Your HR operations are Automated. Focus on Growing your Business.