Employees and Managers Self-Service

HRMS with Self-Service

Empowering Employees and Managers with Cutting-Edge HR Technology and Self-Service


Mobile Submission and Review of Employee Requests Accessible, Intuitive HR

Submitting traditional requests and then processing submissions in a traditional HR platform is a major time suck. Jisr HRMS gives employees the ability to submit HR requests using the same skills and technology they interact with when ordering a product or service from their smartphone. Managers are instantly notified and can request follow-up information, approve or reject the request in a matter of seconds. Just one of the app-solutely brilliant evolutions our platform brings to your team’s HR experience.


Give Employees Better Visibility into their HR Profile, Payroll and Records View, Update and Get Back to Work

Reduce the amount of time your employees spend filling out requests for information or calling HR for updates. Allow your managers to focus on creating amazing customer experiences instead of chasing down employee escalations. Jisr HRMS gives each member of your team the ability to view the information on file (assuming you choose to share it with them). Updates can be made on-demand, or in response to automated expired data alerts. Human Resource software is just smarter in the cloud.


Empower Managers to Instantly Take Action to Assist Their Team Faster Response, Improved Engagement

When your employees submit a request in an HR platform, the time it takes a manager to process their request is sending them a message. Is their input valued? Do they matter to your firm? Managers utilizing Jisr human resource software are able to give every employee request the timely response it deserves. Access all of the information necessary to respond to a request in a single HR platform. Employees feel valued and enjoy interacting with a company that’s as tech-savvy as they are. Happier, more engaged employees is the recipe for a better customer experience, which means improved profitability and customer loyalty.


Don’t Let HR Become a Daily Distraction

Increase Employee Engagement, Reduce Strain on Management

Your management team is responsible for controlling the customer experience. HR is just one more thing on the list of daily responsibilities that cause them to lose focus on the things that your customers count on. Jisr HRMS is a modern solution that streamlines virtually every aspect of attendance, workforce compliance, employee records and payroll. Review, communicate and approve requests from anywhere with the tap of a button. Isn’t it about time that your Human Resource Software caught up with the rest of your corporate enterprise technology?