Business Intelligence

Automated HR Reporting in the Cloud

Accurate, Accessible Information for Decision-Makers


Real-Time, Easy to Read

High-Level Workforce Reporting

Accessing real-time information about your team is critical for HR compliance and cost control. Jisr HR uses a modern HR cloud-based Business Intelligence to compile all the statistics you need. With just a glance, check-up on your team’s real-time reporting. If you need more information, our cloud-based HR platform gives you the ultimate in accessibility. All-in-one, real-time reporting, summed up with an easy to digest Business Intelligence Command Center. One of the many reasons this really is the best human resources software on the market.


Easily Monitor the Status of HR Requests

New Request Notifications and Updates

Emails and hardcopies get lost in the shuffle. The Jisr HR cloud BI dashboard features a newsfeed highlighting recent HR requests, their status and any associated information. Information can be sorted by status, and further information is just a tap away. Key data points are included in each request tile, allowing managers to quickly get the big picture, without missing the little things.


Business Intelligence That’s Easy to Digest

Graphs, Numbers and Charts, Oh My!

Depending on the information displayed in each Business Intelligence tile, Jisr HR strategically uses charts, bar graphs, pie-charts, percentages and employee profile photos to draw the user in. Imagine an HR platform that’s visually stimulating and informative. It’s more than a pretty face. Our team dialed into how our eyes and minds handle visual information to create the best Human Resources software on the market. Jisr HR is designed for maximum efficiency, with better comprehension of all the things that keep your workforce fully operational.


Meet the Human Behind the FIle

Team Data Reports

Access team reporting, via a mobile HR app, in an instant. Your Employee Master List includes general data on every employee in your database. Employee Records allows you to drill down into the details behind every team member. This information can be filtered and focused based on nationality, cost center, employment status, the shift they work or their title within your organization. Thanks to Jisr HR, Business Intelligence is an affordable asset for any sized business.


Payroll and Digital Payslips in the Cloud

Real-Time Financial Reporting and Verification

They say numbers don’t lie. They must have been using Jisr HR, the cloud-based HR platform that provides instant access to the financial information that helps Saudi companies keep the lights on. Instant mobile HR app access to current Payroll Records, with the ability to create actionable reports for compliance makes financial verification easy. Payslip Reporting allows for electronic verification of payroll slips and Final Settlement data ensures that financial records are current and actionable. Once financial information is entered into your company’s records, custom reports can be generated with the click of a mouse. Real-time, accurate financial reporting for companies that are serious about financial discipline. Forget the Human Resource Forms of the past. This is the future.