Benefits and Payroll for Modern Businesses

Powerful, efficient and intuitive tools in one HR Software to reduce your administrative tasks and automate payroll.

Accountability in the Cloud Untangling the Web of Benefits

The layers of benefits that your employees count on is complex. Failure to provide accurate accounting of how benefits are funded and disbursed can result in government fines.

The Benefits section of Jisr HR untangles the web of benefits with an easy to review benefits dashboard. Every category is given in a tile, showing company contributions and detailed accounting of associated transactions within your HR apps. Tiles can be customized to account for every benefit that impacts your company, keeping your entire HR management on the same page..

Ensure Appropriate Employee Compensation with Greater Financial Visibility

The Payroll section allows managers to review payroll obligations for the current month, as well as past months.

Review employees currently enrolled in the payroll system and suspend inactive employees with the click of a button. Account for regular salary costs, benefit disbursement, bonuses and deductions within a searchable list of personnel.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Fast Payroll Processing in the Cloud

Payroll doesn’t have to be a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual aggravation for your HR management.

Modernize payroll processing with Jisr HR’s cloud-based platform for reviewing timesheets, confirming salary and benefit disbursements and deductions via HR apps. Payroll review, confirmation and processing only takes a few minutes thanks to the automated compilation of every detail necessary to hit “confirm”.

Review Payroll History and Get Instant Answers

Review Payroll History and Get Instant Answers If your HR management raises concerns about payroll, quick resolution isn’t just a matter of convenience. Resolving an error in a timely manner helps your company recoup unnecessary costs and avoid penalties.

Jisr HR offers business owners the ability to instantly access and analyze past payrolls. Don’t waste time calculating and compiling. Ask a question, click a button, get an answer. It really is that easy, and mobile, with Jisr’s HR apps.

Your HR operations are Automated. Focus on Growing your Business.